ESTD :: 1997

(Provincialised by Govt. of Assam, Affiliated to Assam University Silchar)

Algapur, Hailakandi, Assam

Accredited by NAAC with 'B' Grade

1st Sem Hons/ Pass

3rd Sem Hons/ Pass

5th Sem Hons/ Pass

BCAC–101 Click Here
BCAC–102 Click Here
BCAC–103 Click Here

BCSH–101 Click Here
BCSH–102 Click Here
BCSH–103 Click Here

BCSP–101 Click Here

BOTH–101 Click Here
BOTH–103 Click Here
BOTP–101 Click Here

CHMH–101 Click Here
CHMH–102 Click Here
CHMH–103 Click Here

CHMP–101 Click Here

EBCA–101 Click Here
ENGG–101 Click Here

MTMH–101 Click Here
MTMH–102 Click Here
MTMH–103 Click Here

MTMP–101 Click Here

PHSH–102 Click Here
PHSH–103 Click Here

PHSP–101 Click Here

STSP–101 Click Here

ZOOH–102 Click Here

ZOOH–103 Click Here

ZOOP–101 Click Here

ANTP–301 Click Here

BCAC–301 Click Here
BCAC–302 Click Here
BCAC–303 Click Here

BCSH–301 Click Here
BCSH–302 Click Here

BCSP–301 Click Here

BNGL–301 Click Here

BOTH–301 Click Here
BOTH–302 Click Here
BOTH–303 Click Here

BOTP–301 Click Here

BTCP–301 Click Here

CHMH–301 Click Here
CHMH–302 Click Here
CHMH–303 Click Here

CHMP–301 Click Here

ECOP–301 Click Here

EESP–301 Click Here

ENGL–301 Click Here

MTMH–301 Click Here
MTMH–302 Click Here
MTMH–303 Click Here

MTMP–301 Click Here

PHSH–301 Click Here
PHSH–302 Click Here
PHSH–303 Click Here

PHSP–301 Click Here

STSP–301 Click Here

ZOOH–301 Click Here
ZOOH–302 Click Here
ZOOH–303 Click Here

ZOOP–301 Click Here

BCAC–501 Click Here
BCAC–502 Click Here
BCAC–503 Click Here

BCSH–501 Click Here
BCSH–502 Click Here
BCSH–503 Click Here

BCSP–501 Click Here

BOTH–501 Click Here
BOTH–502 Click Here
BOTH–503 Click Here

BOTP–501 Click Here

CHMH–502 Click Here
CHMH–503 Click Here

CHMP–501 Click Here

EBCA–501 Click Here

ECOP–501 Click Here

EESP–501 Click Here

FCES–501 Click Here

MTMH–501 Click Here
MTMH–502 Click Here
MTMH–503 Click Here

MTMP–501 Click Here

PHSH–501 Click Here
PHSH–502 Click Here
PHSH–503 Click Here

PHSP–501 Click Here

STSP–501 Click Here

ZOOH–501 Click Here
ZOOH–502 Click Here
ZOOH–503 Click Here

ZOOP–501 Click Here

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